How To Build A Perfect Niche Website

How To Build A Perfect Niche Website

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We all want profitable Niche websites. You know, the “set it and forget it” type.

Ok, that’s perhaps not very realistic in its complete sense, after all, you’ll always need to mind your site to some degree.

But one thing I see so many beginning internet marketers do that just kills off any immediate chance of making any profits in the near future, is they spend 80 percent of their time trying to rank their sites.

Not only that, but in their efforts to do this, it ends up costing them, both in time and financially. Hardly the goal we’re looking for.

Worse than that however, is the real problem as to why people aren’t having much success with their niche websites, and that is the following 3 things:

People looking to start up a profitable niche site just don’t understanding the true process of finding a profitable niche to begin with. It all starts with keywords of course, but goes much deeper than that when it comes to being sure it has the possibility of being profitable and getting enough traffic.

Putting aside seo and top rankings for the moment, if your sites topic (niche) doesn’t have enough people interested that are willing to pay for what you offer, then your site will fail. After all, the internet is loaded with top ranking sites that barely make more than $50.00 a month.

The assumption that “if you get tons of traffic to a site, you cant help but make sales” is just nonsense.

Case and point… The most travelled site in the world; Facebook, is only now starting to gain some headway with their advertising program, and yet it’s still not profitable.

The reason for this, as it is with many social networks, is ‘intent’. Why are all these people really there? What’s their real interest?  Obviously when it comes to social sites, their main intent is networking with family, friends and so on.

Sure, considering the staggering amount of traffic facebook gets, there will be “some” traffic that can turn to sales. But its really is a very small percent.

In the same way then, there’s just certain topics online (niches) that get a lot of searches and traffic, but the intent of most of the searchers is for INFORMATION ONLY, therefore sales will always be at a minimum.

Ok, you get the point, that you need to find niches in areas that people will be interested in purchasing what you have related to that niche.

Even when marketers do have a profitable niche, and it’s ranking well, the structure of their site / and sales process is horrible.
Here’s a tip to make my point … Never make your home page your sales page.

This is roughly the equivalent of you walking into a car dealership, and your serious about purchasing a vehicle. Then the first thing your greeted with is that pushy sales person. This of course puts you off and in a defensive mode.

This is the same idea as with your site. Someone has obviously showed enough interest to search specific terms to get to your site.

If they’re greeted with a sales page, they will look at your information far more critically and assume your ONLY interested in a sale.

When people search for a solution to something, most will want some information that will satisfy their questions and curiosity. Then you show them how you can be of help.

Most of us internet marketers learn things we become interested in on the internet backwards and in bits and pieces.

Here’s An Example:
After receiving a ton of emails and doing our usual searching online, that a niche website to make money online is a great Idea. We understand the basics of getting a decent domain name (sort of) we understand we need a Word press blog/site put up so we can use all the wonderful plug-ins available to us.

We understand we need traffic, so the method of choice is to get a great rank on Google.

Seems simple enough, so we get our domain, our hosting and start some researching for keywords. Now, all we need is content and our sales page, then away we go to work on ranking our site top in the search engines.

The problems are these:
Also, since we’re new to all this, so all these seemingly “easy steps” really aren’t that easy when attempting for the first time.

To make things worse, as we’re learning all this, our hosting is costing us and domain sitting idle.

As frustration starts to build, we get sidetracked with new offers in our email or from more searching online. All of which hold new promise to speed up a process we thought would be a lot easier and quicker.

However, we find that as good as some of these products may be, they really aren’t the best move in our situation, since all we’ve done is spend money on another item we now have to spend a bunch more time to learn.

As time goes on by (usually months) we’ve finally got a bit of an education on niche websites, but what have we learned?
What we’ve learned is bits and pieces of things that make us good in some areas, and absolute newbie’s in others. Usually in things the we should have learned right from the beginning, but spent a bunch of time and money hoping to bypass in the first place.

Look, I’m NOT saying there’s anything wrong with any of these plug-ins, software, tutorials, etc, Im saying it’s putting the cart before the horse by getting all these things without knowing the important basics to making sales with our sites.

If youve decided to make a profitable niche website, its important that you build a quality niche website that will be rewarding.

A good niche website is a great way to earn money, share a passion that you have, or to advertise your company.

Of course, if you have a bad niche website, it will only waste your money and time. While many people used to rely only on professionals to create niche websites, it is possible to create your website on your own.

Better software makes it possible for you to easily create the site without a huge amount of experience. If you are planning to make a website on your own, here are some helpful tips that you should use to enjoy the best possible results.

When you are ready to build a niche website, start out by choosing the site topic and the name for your site. Its best to go with a narrow topic so you are best able to optimize the site for the search engines.

Choose a name that is catchy and make sure that the site name describes the topic of the profitable niche website. Youll also need to ensure you dont use a name that is a registered

trademark. Once you have decided on the name you want, purchase a domain name including that name if possible, making sure you use relevant keywords.

After you choose the topic and name for your site, youll need to choose a web host and a hosting package. The host is the company that hosts your site so it can be viewed on the web.

Do some research to figure out what you should look for in a good web host. Then, make sure you compare prices and find a hosting package that will meet the needs of your site.

Once you have a domain name and you are working with a hosting company, youre ready to make a profitable niche website. Now you need to concentrate on the design of your site.

While many people are tempted to go with elaborate designs, its better to go with a design that is simple and professional.

You want to make sure that the site is well laid out and easy for your visitors to navigate. Visitors will leave your site if they dont find it easy to use.

Youll also want to make a niche website that is ready for the search engines. This means paying attention to search engine optimization. You want your site to perform well in the search engines so you bring more traffic into the site.

Make sure you use keywords in titles, in headlines, in meta tags and more. Just make sure you avoid going overboard with keyword usage on your site. If you use too many keywords, the search engines may label you as spam.

One of the most important tips to remember when you make a niche website is to make sure your site offers good content. People visit websites for good content.

This may include text, images, audio, or video. Ensure your content is free from errors and that it offers something of value to your readers for the best results.